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  • Unbeatable Tech Support
  • Expert Project Management
  • Hands-On Approach


  • Skilled Field Teams
  • Green Technology
  • Array of Services

Panel Shop

  • Proven Experience
  • Reliable Execution
  • UL508 and UL891 Certified


  • Complete Vessel Refits
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Eltech Electric is a team of skilled, enthusiastic professionals who can design and build any kind of electrical system for marine or industrial users.

Led by Jay Sinclair, President, Eltech brings together a lifetime of electrical experience. We understand how critically important our work is to our clients, and know that we can offer nothing less than perfection.

We bring the highest level of attention and quality to every job.

You Can Count On Us


  • Successful completion of thousands of projects
  • Trusted by a long list of clients
  • Experienced technical support, 24/7/365
  • Experts in electrical codes NEC, ABS, NEMA, CFR-46, BV and DNV
  • Licensed and bonded in Washington State

We've Moved!

We have just moved to our new location. We are expanding to meet the needs of our clients. Stop by and see our new facilities!


Port of Portland's Dredge Oregon

Dredge Oregon

Eltech Electric was very pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Port of Portland and recently completed an array of work for them. Eltech built twelve control panels to control and monitor the Port of Portland’s Dredge Oregon.

The Dredge Oregon is responsible for maintaining the depth of the Columbia River which is a major shipping channel in the Pacific Northwest. The Columbia provides an increasingly growing import/export super highway for the local economy...



Our designers have decades of experience gained from thousands of successful projects; they have done it all, from single purpose control panels through complete vessel refits and new plant construction. Our designs benefit from a full knowledge of real-life demands on the installed systems.


Experienced field service teams are available to work on marine applications dockside, in major shipyards, or underway anywhere in the world. We provide installation, commissioning, trouble-shooting and preventive maintenance services on cargo vessels, fish processors and fishing vessels, offshore tenders, large yachts, and industrial plants.


The combination of rapidly increasing energy costs and the pressure to reduce emissions will continue to have a major impact on your operation. We can help you make more efficient use of existing power sources, explore alternative sources and assist in cold iron (shore power) projects to reduce emissions. We want to be your partner in more effectively managing your energy needs.


Our UL listed panel shop provides us with significant advantages over firms that have to sub-contract this work. We have total control over the entire systems we install allowing us to re-act faster to client requirements and to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.


We maintain a complete database of drawings and specifications for every job completed. We stand behind all of our work and will react instantly to requests for assistance. Recognizing the unique operational demands on our clients, we are available 24/7/365 to provide expert telephone support or to dispatch parts and/or technicians to the vessel or site where necessary.


We carry an extensive inventory of electrical parts and equipment for immediate delivery. The inventory includes control and power components, switches and indicators, wiring components, enclosures and junction boxes, and a range of fluorescent, HID, HPS and Halogen light fixtures. Contact the Eltech Store for all your electrical needs

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